Fiduciary protection for Retirement plan providers

The Mather Group offers a holistic suite of employer tools and services designed to reduce fiduciary risk and plan cost.

Independent Fiduciary Support

We serve as an ERISA independent fiduciary providing the most comprehensive fiduciary protection available in the marketplace.

Our documented oversight process optimizes plan governance and monitoring to ensure your fiduciary obligations are met. In today's litigious environment, our support reduces your liability while looking after your employees' best interests.

Our advisors are experts in corporate retirement planning and safeguarding.

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Investment Due Diligence

Monitoring investments is a critical component of discharging your fiduciary responsibilities.

Our team of research analysts conducts extensive cost and performance benchmarking of your investments to ensure they best meet the objectives of your investment policy statement.

Vendor Search and Monitoring

We reduce fiduciary risk and simplify the RFP process. We bring complete transparency to your investments to enable accurate vendor evaluation.

We have the ability to evaluate an immense amount of data from multiple vendors using state of the art reporting technology and record keeping analysis. This gives us acute insight into how vendors impact your fiduciary risk, cost, and plan effectiveness.

Employee Education

As a leading provider of retirement advice, we are uniquely positioned to help employees reach successful retirement.

Through hands-on employee education, we keep a pulse on your employee's feedback to ensure your plan design best meets their needs.

Let's talk about how we can help protect your business, and take care of your employees.

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