PartnersInWealth became a part of The Mather Group, LLC (“TMG”) on September 4, 2020. The Mather Group is a tech-forward, nationally recognized Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) providing tax, legal, investment, and comprehensive financial planning advice in a transparent and unbiased manner. TMG shares the same business values, investment philosophy, and commitment to integrity, transparency and high-touch service that has always served as the core foundation of our PartnersInWealth business. We selected TMG as a partner for their breadth of services, fiduciary-only approach and staff of highly credentialed professionals who offer a more comprehensive approach to financial planning. At PartnersInWealth, we have always strived to continuously improve our service offering and provide individualized attention to every client. We sincerely believe that this combination reflects and supports these two abiding principles. TMG will deliver a deeper bench of professionals and resources, innovative technology and thought leadership, as well as operational efficiencies that’ll improve your overall client experience.

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The Mather Group


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