Complete Retirement Planning Services

Guiding a successful retirement requires more than just managing investments. Our comprehensive planning services cover all aspects of making a smooth financial and lifestyle transition. Let us show you how we go above and beyond to service your portfolio. 

Expert Tax Planning to Maximize Your Retirement

When planning for retirement you need a focused and experienced eye on your taxes.

Through the development of comprehensive cash flow models, The Mather Group's CPAs may be able to significantly reduce your tax liabilities over multi-year periods. This includes a detailed review of your tax returns while leveraging extensive knowledge of your corporate benefit programs.

Our tax experience can help with:

  • Income tax reduction
  • Income tax smoothing
  • Executive deferral program optimization
  • Tax minimization on highly appreciated stock
  • Tax reduction for stock option exercises

Tax loss harvesting minimizes your investment losses and tax liability while maintaining portfolio risk and optimizing your expected return. It’s a simple, yet powerful strategy. Watch our video to learn more.

Investment Management with Your Best Interests in Mind

Our approach enables us to draw on a diversified array of research from many leading global institutions.

Using this research, we create low-cost targeted portfolios that accommodate various levels of risk, from current income generation to more growth-oriented goals. With an emphasis on risk management, we maximize the predictability of our portfolio returns to help you best achieve your retirement goals.

Experience How The Mather Group Guides Your Investments.

Estate Planning: Protecting Your Wealth

Successful retirement requires smart plans for transferring your wealth to the people and organizations that matter most to you.

We work with you to foster the wise stewardship of your wealth by minimizing probate expenses and estate taxes. Furthermore, we create sound structures that will help protect your wealth for future generations.

Managing Risk For a Complete Retirement Picture

As you transition into retirement, you're likely to encounter financial risks that require careful consideration.

We analyze the merits of long-term care and life insurance solutions alongside your retirement, estate, and tax-planning needs. If we identify a gap in insurance needs, we recommend a solution that originates with your existing insurance agent. We never recommend insurance solutions in exchange for commission.

We compare possible retiree health insurance with private and Affordable Care Act plans to ensure our clients have optimal coverage at the lowest cost available. We also assist in Medicare enrollment and the selection of Medigap and Supplemental policies on an annual basis.

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