Financial Services for Foreign Nationals in the United States

Financial planning can be complex for individuals moving to the USA. Our holistic in-bound planning services can help you meet your financial goals and enhance your experience as you transition to life in the United States.


Our team of experienced international finance and tax professionals will help you navigate the complexities of planning your journey in the United States.

Many people move to the USA every year looking for invaluable life and work experience. Most foreign expats end up staying longer than they originally planned, or even permanently moving to the US. Moving to the US as a foreign national can be a wonderful life changing experience, but one that also involves a new set of obstacles when it comes to your finances.

In-bound planning can be complex, especially when handling cross-border issues if, for example, you own assets in both a foreign country and the US. We understand these complicated issues and work with you to meet your financial goals and enhance your life experience in the US. We provide specialized international financial and tax services through our in-house advisors and CPAs, who become your trusted advisors during this life changing experience.


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Planning for
the In-bound Journey

If you end up staying in the US longer than planned, there are important financial implications you need to consider.

Your worldwide financial situation will require recalibration and simplification. With our one-on-one consulting, we’ll familiarize you with the US financial system and help you navigate the wide range of high-quality investment opportunities that the US has to offer.

Financial & Tax Services

We provide experienced advice for your US taxes, estate planning, pension schemes and much more.

Most of the wealth you earn during your time working in the US will likely be kept in US property, savings, investments and pensions; making financial advice essential to optimize the long-term returns of your US assets.

You’ll need to consider your foreign pension scheme. The US has very strict rules regarding what can be transferred into a US pension scheme, so you may end up having both. Learning your various options on how to manage your foreign pensions from the US will be key for your retirement.

Your tax situation will also change dramatically as you will be considered a US tax resident, even though your legal immigration status may not change. Your foreign financial accounts will require special reporting to comply with US tax authorities and you’ll need a thorough assessment of your foreign financial assets to ensure a tax-efficient portfolio to avoid any unnecessary US tax burdens. These items can come as an unpleasant surprise without proper planning. We’ll familiarize you with how the US tax system works and, based on your specific situation, minimize your US tax burden.

Enjoying Life in
the United States

Our team will simplify the complexities of your new international financial situation.

Our financial services for foreign nationals aim to decrease the stresses of managing your new international tax and financial situation so you can enjoy the journey. We’ll assess all the moving pieces that need readjusted and create a customized, holistic plan for you to help meet your goals in the US.

Start planning your financial life in the USA.

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