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We find cost-effective investment strategies, and you pay for our expert advice – we do not receive commissions or hidden fees.

The Mather Group's fee-only index approach puts more of your money where it should be—in your investments, not in a broker's pockets. Without those commissions and hidden fees, your portfolio has more money growing in retirement, a method that's lower in cost than a comparative mutual fund portfolio.


Our way is 60%lower cost*

Explore this interactive chart to see how your money works harder for you with The Mather Group’s Passive Investment approach instead of higher cost mutual funds.

Mutual Funds vs. TMG Index Portfolio*

Portfolio Value
Mutual Fund Portfolio
TMG Index Portfolio
Increased Value
Are added fees crippling your investments?

For every new client, we provide a free investment audit to expose the true cost of owning each of your investments. If there are hidden fees, we bring them to light. Let us show you how your investment costs with The Mather Group can be significantly lower.

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Fiduciaries like The Mather Group are Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) with a fiduciary duty to their clients.

That means we have a legal obligation to always act in your best interest. 

All your investments are held in a separate custody account with Fidelity or Charles Schwab, both highly rated national firms.

Our motivation is to see your retirement investments grow.

Meet Your Advisors


Conduct a quick "Fiduciary Audit" on any firm you might consider.

Conflict Level Chart

Critical questions to ask your advisor

Do you offer in-house/proprietary investment products or solutions? This identifies conflicts of interest. If a firm use their own products, they could be double dipping, which means charging you product fees on top of management fees.

TMG has an open architecture, which means we can invest in anything that is publicly traded. We use what is best for our clients.

Do you carry a series 6 or series 7 license?This identifies if an advisor carries a brokerage license. If they do, they typically get paid by commission, which means that they may place you in higher priced securities.

Advisors at TMG do not hold brokerage licenses.

Click here to see if your advisor is a broker:

† As of 2011, based on "Study on Investment Advisors and Broker-Dealers" by U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

Comprehensive Tax Strategy

Many decisions you will make in planning for retirement have tax consequences.

And they play a major role in how to invest and manage your money. Your one fee covers every service we provide, including a comprehensive tax strategy from our on-staff CPAs. 

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Learn about our comprehensive, tailored approach to your unique retirement planning. We start with a detailed analysis of your current status and plan for every goal along the way.

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