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Many senior executives are fortunate enough to be offered various compensation benefit plans through their employer—from stock options to deferred compensation and executive retirement plans. As you make decisions regarding these complex plans, it’s important to have a deep understanding of their details and nuances, and a strategy for how to make the most of each offering.

Working with TMG’s Executive Advisory Team can help maximize the return of your benefits package. Leveraging our in-house tax and estate planning attorneys, we’ll help you develop a comprehensive plan to consolidate your benefits and ensure your elections account for tax consequences, cash flow needs and estate planning.

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Benefits that work even smarter together

Executive Benefits Summary

It can be daunting to understand each executive compensation plan available to you and how they impact one another. We provide a summary of all available executive benefits, along with the various options and restrictions of each plan so you have a full understanding of the basis for our recommendations.

Tax Optimization

Your benefit elections and divestiture plans carry substantial tax implications. Your dedicated TMG Executive Advisory Team will develop a comprehensive tax and financial plan for you and your family in order to project, advise, implement and maintain compliance of our tax advice.

Financial Planning

TMG will help identify your short- and long-term needs so we can build out a comprehensive financial plan. We’ll then stress test your financial situation using a Monte Carlo Simulation and bad timing scenarios, ensuring you have the assets and income necessary to accomplish all of your goals. This financial planning framework acts as a guide for our CPAs and attorneys as they develop your tax and estate planning analysis.


We understand how important it is to incorporate philanthropic efforts into your comprehensive wealth management plan. TMG assists with designing charitable giving plans that leverage charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, foundations and giving funds. These strategies can help reduce capital gains, income and estate tax—all while maximizing your philanthropic impact.

Tax Synchronized Portfolio®

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, TMG’s Tax Synchronized Portfolio® (TSP) captures a holistic view of your investments to drive superior after-tax results. Your recommended target asset allocation will be unified across all investment accounts, including your 401(k), deferred compensation plan, employer stock plans, etc., and be continuously monitored and adjusted as your financial goals and cash flow needs evolve over time. TMG also utilizes advanced technology to execute a unique and robust rebalancing strategy that combines the best features of calendar and threshold methods—all while coordinating across other interconnected services, such as tax loss harvesting and TSP.

Risk Management

Equity compensation offers the opportunity for substantial wealth creation, however, it’s not uncommon for executives to forfeit 40 to 80 percent in income and estate taxes. Our in-house team of CPAs, tax attorneys and estate planning attorneys develop detailed income and estate tax optimization strategies to mitigate the corrosive effects of these taxes. Our in-house attorneys work directly with your corporate legal department to manage SEC compliance while hedging, monetizing, diversifying, or gifting a concentrated position.

Stock Options: CPAs analyze potential tax and AMT consequences of the timing of your exercises, working closely with our investment committee to develop a formal exercise strategy given tax breakeven prices.

Restricted Stock Plans: Our Executive Advisory Team analyzes tax rates, stock concentration risk and risk tolerance to determine if an 83(b) election is in your best interest.

Concentrated Stock Positions: Our Investment Committee acts as a fiduciary and uses our independent and disciplined investment strategy to take emotion out of maximizing your wealth.

Estate Planning Analysis

Developing an estate plan requires a deep understanding of your and your family’s wishes, as well as comprehensive knowledge of your financial situation and the executive benefits being offered. It’s important to integrate income tax planning with estate tax planning when making financial decisions, being mindful that saving on income tax throughout retirement might cost your beneficiaries in the future. That’s why our in-house estate planning attorneys work closely with our CPAs to build and implement an estate plan that effectively balances minimizing your overall tax liability and maximizing your legacy.

Consolidated Reporting

TMG will help you consolidate assets to provide composite reporting across all of your investment accounts and retirement benefit plans so you have full transparency into your overall allocation, performance and tax exposure.

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